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Launched on 2003 September 27, FIMS-SPEAR conducted the first large-area spectral imaging survey of the far-ultraviolet sky, a band which spans warm and hot plasma cooling lines, molecular hydrogen fluorescent emission, and dust-scattered starlight.

Instrument typeDual imaging spectrographs
Science survey operations2003 Nov 14 - 2004 Nov 10
Wavelength coverageS-Band (900–1150 Å) and L-Band (1350–1710 Å)
Spectral resolutionλ/Δλ=550
Sky coverage80% of the sky
Spatial resolution5 arcmin (7 arcmin in available products)
Mission productsAll-sky hyperspectral imaging, emission line maps, star spectra, pointed observations of the Vela supernova remnant

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