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  • JDox, bright object target acquisition, generating simulated data, and enabling high-efficiency mode

Discussion items

  • Jonathan Fraine is forming a tiger team to identify and address issues with bright object target acquisition in time for Cycle 1
    • Let him know if you are interested in joining the team
  • MIRI
    • LRS TA has been included in APT 25.2
    • Imaging still needs TA, not likely for 25.4
  • NIRSpec
    • WATA update from Maria
  • NIRCam
    • Currently 4 targets in GTO list that are too bright for TA
    • No issues

Simulated Data
  • DMS still working towards processing data
  • Will soon need simulated science data
    • Likely WASP-39b

High-Efficiency Mode

Calibration Pipeline

Action items

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