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Diane Karakla 

Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. Current TSO WG Tasks
  3. JIRA ticket updates
  4. AOB

Meeting slides

Meeting slides can be found 

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements


25min2. TSO Commissioning Activity Updates

  • TSO JWebbinar took place yesterday, 30 Nov. very positive. Produced some good comprehensive notebooks. 
  • High efficiency modes:
    • first draft of the report is being circulated, can be shared amongst the group (Everett Schlawin, Knicole Colon  & Sarah Kendrew would like to read it)
    • some highlights: clear improvement in precision can be achieved - see plots in slides
    • pretty strong justification
    • is data volume considered? not so far - but should factor in there as higher efficiency will produce more data.
    • would also be be useful to add info on ngroups to the summary table
    • is compelling message to really convey that the detections are marginal so higher efficiency would make a differences to the most challenging proposals.
    • for MIRI we can in principle actually do ngroups = 1  if we don't care what it looks like. NIRISS will be doing this in commissioning. 
  • NIRSpec pipeline validation: the gift that keeps on giving
    • jump step seems to be really weird on CV3 data. finds 10s of thousands of jumps in a small subarray (basically all the background pixels). found this was due to negative background counts. 
    • maybe should just drop the jump step for subarrays (as these have no reference pixels)
    • should add an extra step after ref pixel correction step to manage this in cases where there is no ref pixels
    • could somehow detect the pre-amp resets independent of flux and correct...?
    • Nestor Espinoza will open a ticket (or multiple ones) to address this. 
25min3. Non-linearity correction work

10 mins4. 1/f noise discussion

2 mins5. Closing RemarksNestor Espinoza

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