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Add Condition Overview

MAST Search offers many search parameters in addition to the commonly used Search Parameter Overview. This enables more advanced searches for observations.

Add Condition Features and Functionality

To add additional search parameters, choose a column and then add a condition for that column. Each additional parameter should follow one of the three parameter-constraint syntaxes: String Fields, Numeric Fields, and DateTime Fields

The 'Target Descrip' column in the Add Condition feature has a data type of "substring", for which wildcard operators are automatically added at the beginning and end of the input string. For example, entering "jup" will search for all descriptions using"*jup*". Commas still work as with other data types, so entering "jup, white" will retrieve results with the condition "*jup*" or condition "*white*". 

Choose Column

Use this dropdown to choose search columns. There are a few ways to find and select a search parameter column.

  • Click the 'Column Name' box to see the dropdown list of all available columns and descriptions. Scroll through the list to select the desired column (click or press the 'return' key).
  • Type an exact name of the desired search column and press the 'return' key.
  • Start typing a character or string of the search parameter of interest to begin a type-ahead search, which will match the available parameter names or descriptions that contain the typed character(s). Scroll through the list, where columns that match the text are now available at the top of the list, to select the one of interest.

Add Condition

After choosing a search column to constrain, type the condition to apply on the search parameter in the 'Condition' box. Add conditions according to its proper field constraints: String Field, Numeric Field, and DateTime Field. See the Search Parameter Overview page for detailed descriptions of the constraint syntaxes and examples.

Add Another Condition Button

Click 'ADD ANOTHER CONDITION'  to add more columns and conditions. Each click adds a new pair of 'Column Name' and 'Condition' boxes.

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