The mission search interfaces provide both a graphical user-interface (web form) and programmatic access (via an API) to mission-specific data. These interfaces allow for searches with a large set of criteria, which are customized for each mission or collection.

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    Mission Interfaces

    Search interfaces are available for the following collections: 

    • HST
    • JWST
    • Classy (High-level Science Product collection)
    • Ullyses (High-level Science Product collection)

    Interfaces for more missions and collections are planned. 

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    For MAST user support, contact the HelpDesk: See the Archive Support page for details and other resources.

    Citations and Acknowledgements

    In publications, refer to this document as:

    • MAST 2021, MAST Mission Search Guide, eds. S.W. Fleming, J. Yoon, J. Kotler (Version 1; Baltimore: STScI)

    Please acknowledge the use of data obtained from MAST in publications, according to the mission(s) you use.

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