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Calibration Products

After selecting science files in the Download Manager, for some missions it is possible to also add those calibration reference files that were used by the processing pipeline to create those science files. These reference files will correspond to the most recent calibration.

Calibration reference files are only available for select missions (HST and JWST) where STScI also operates the data processing pipelines. These files are compatible with the associated open-source calibration processing software. See the Overview of CRDS for background information about calibration reference files.


Use the following process to Include calibration reference products in the download bundle.

1Select one or more calibrated products in the Files panel of the Download Manager

File selector panel


Click the Retrieve References button.

This button is only enabled if the Minimum Recommended Products box (in the Filters panel) is unchecked.

Retrieve calibration reference files button


A Reference Files window will appear, similar to the one below, containing the applicable reference files. Check one or more of the boxes for individual files, or the box for the folder.
Reference file selector window


Click the Basket button to add the selected files to the Download Basket.

This action only makes the calibration reference files available for selection in the basket.

Add entries to basket button


Back at the original Download Manager Files panel, check the reference file boxes to include them in the download bundle.

You must again select the calibration reference files in the parent Files panel for them to be included in the download manifest.

File selector panel

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