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Prior to running Jdaviz as a standalone application, you should:

  1. Make sure Jdaviz is installed on your system
  2. Download the data file you want to analyze

Installing the Software

Installation is fairly straightforward using pip. Open a terminal and type:

pip install jdaviz --upgrade

That's all! Once the code has finished executing, you should have a fresh installation on your machine. You may want to familiarize yourself with available commands by entering:

jdaviz --help

Running the Application

To start the application, open a terminal window and enter a command of the following type:

jdaviz [module] [filename]

For example, if we wanted to open jw01023-o015_t002_miri_ch1-short_s3d.fits using the the Cubeviz module we would enter:

jdaviz cubeviz jw01023-o015_t002_miri_ch1-short_s3d.fits

This will open a window in your default browser that looks like the image in Figure 1.

Example JWST Spectra

Figure 1 — An example set of JWST data. Depending on your data selection, you may not see the same analysis elements.

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