Jdaviz is an interactive Python application for visualization of spectroscopic and imaging data. This guide will give you an overview of where you might encounter it, its key features, and some common use-cases.

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    What is Jdaviz?

    The main Jdaviz logo, which includes icons from some its sub-configurations

    Jdaviz (pronounced J-D-A-viz) is a new Jupyter-based Python application for spectroscopic visualization and analysis. Built on the glue and Voila frameworks, Jdaviz is uniquely designed to work

    • embedded in an interactive website, such as the MAST Portal
    • in a Jupyter notebook
    • as a standalone desktop application

    all while providing the same user interface and interactive user experience. Utilizing astropy and astropy-affiliated packages, Jdaviz also includes a suite of spectroscopic analysis plugins that can be used either via the user interface, or programmatically in Python. 

    Jdaviz is made up a series of customizable viewers and panels. Users can arrange these viewers into set “configurations”, tailored to their needs. There are a few pre-defined configurations for quick inspection of more common spectroscopic data products. See the table of Jdaviz Configurations for more details.

    MAST has incorporated Jdaviz into its web framework. When searching for JWST data products in the MAST Portal, a new option appears for relevant search results allowing users to quickly inspect and analyze data on the web. See Searching for Compatible Data and Viewing Spectra and Images for more details on navigating the quicklook pages.

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    MAST 2022, Jdaviz Guide, eds. T. Dutkiewicz, B. Cherinka. STScI, https://outerspace.stsci.edu/display/MASTDOCS/Jdaviz+Guide.

    Please acknowledge the use of data obtained from MAST in publications.

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