It is possible to search MAST for multiple targets at once, by first uploading list of target names and coordinates. 

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Search a List of Targets

Here are he steps for uploading a list of targets to the Portal:


Prepare a list of targets on your local machine, following the formatting rules below. This minimal example file (right) uses a list of names and coordinates of 4 Galactic globular clusters.

Your target list may include other columns of information, such as source magnitudes.

2Click the Upload Target List button.

3Enter the location of your target list in the upload dialog box, and click "Upload"

4Select one or more of your targets in the results table.

5Click the cross-match button.

6Select a MAST collection against which to cross-match the coordinates of you targets. Also select a search radius about the targets. Then click the Cross Match button.

It is possible to perform other actions with user tables beyond cross-matching with an uploaded table, such as creating new table columns or plots of column values.

Uploading a large list of targets, and then cross-matching against a large catalog such as All Observations, may take a long time to execute, and may return an unwieldy list of matches.

Formatting Rules for Uploads

The Upload tool can import custom tables in two file formats: VOTABLE and CSV. See the description of VOTable file format. A CSV-formatted table should be prepared with the following in mind:

  • A line is a comment if it begins with a #. An exception to this is that before the header line you may specify a column datatype line with #@, then a comma-separated list of types.
  • Allowed types are: int, float, string, ra and dec, with the latter two being interpreted from either decimal or sexagesimal coordinates. If no datatypes are specified, the software will attempt to determine them.
  • The first un-commented line defines the headers for the columns.
  • Right ascension should be titled as: RA or RAJ2000.
  • Declination should be titled as: DEC or DECJ2000.
  • Footprints should be titled as: s_region or regionSTCS.
  • Any number of subsequent rows may be defined, although one should exercise caution with trying to load large numbers of rows.

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