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Viewing Related Data Products

There may be more than one available data product associated with an observation. This page will give a quick guide to searching for related "science-ready" (fully calibrated and processed) data products. For information about associated, uncalibrated, auxiliary data, see the Supplemental Products page.

Navigation from the Portal

Clicking the "Search through other data products" action from the Visualize Spectra (Jda) dropdown (Figure 1) will bring you to a new page displaying all other level 3 spectroscopic data products associated with the selected Portal observation. An example of what this page will look like can be found in Figure 2.

Visualize spectral data products dropdown with two options - Display default minimum recommended product, and Search through other related products

Figure 1 — Example action to find data products associated with JWST observation jw00212-c1003_t003_miri_ch4

Example related product search with several matching results

Figure 2 — Data products related to jw00212-c1003_t003_miri_ch4-long_s3d, associated via observation jw00212-c1003_t003_miri_ch4.  

Navigation By Direct URL

You can navigate to this page manually by going to https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/jwst/, where you'll see Figure 3. If you already know the MAST data URI of the product you wish to search for, you can also navigate there directly using the syntax "https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/jwst/?uri=[MAST_DATA_URI]", e.g. https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/jwst/?uri=jw01039-o005_t001_miri_ch3-shortlongmedium-

Displayed on the page is a Search bar where you can input a MAST data URI or Product Filename to search on. For example, entering the URI mast:JWST/product/jw00212-c1003_t003_miri_ch4-long_s3d.fits or product filename jw00212-c1003_t003_miri_ch4-long_s3d.fits will perform a search and return the results in Figure 2.

Landing page for related data product search

Figure 3 — Landing page for searching for related data products to a given MAST data URL or product filename. 

The Data Product Table

The table displayed in Figure 2 shows all data products associated with the observation for the URI or product you searched on. Each row contains some basic metadata information about the data product, such as Description, Filter, Grating, Calibration Level, etc. The information shown is a subset of the information displayed in the Portal Download Basket File Details.    The table also contains a View In column, containing a button icon indicating which Jdaviz helper configuration is used to load the data product in a given row.  See Icon Nomenclature for their meanings.  Figure 4 shows an example of a Specviz data product.   Clicking any of the icons displayed in the View In column will lead you to the Jdaviz quick look page. See Viewing Spectra and Images for more. 

an example 1d spectral product, with file information

View in SpecViz pop-up giving you the option to open the file in the Jdaviz quicklook page

Figure 4 — Left: A row of a 1d spectral data product. Right: Highlight of the View In Jdaviz icon indicating the Specviz configuration of Jdaviz is to be used. Click the button to open the data product in the Jdaviz quicklook page in a new tab.  

Viewing Multi-Object Spectra (MOS) 

Some JWST observations of multi-object spectra produced by the NIRSPEC instrument have associated 2d and 1d spectral data products. You can view these products together using Jdaviz's Specviz2d configuration. Figure 5 shows an example search for related data products to NIRSPEC observation jw00643-c1007_s00021_nirspec_f170lp-g235m. The MOS table column indicates via a checkmark whether the product is a NIRSPEC Multi-Object Spectrum.

NIRSPEC MOS Example Search with one MOS product that has a checkbox, and a non-MOS product that lack it

Figure 5 — Example search of a NIRSPEC MOS data product. 

Figure 6 Left shows a zoom-in of the related s2d and x1d spectral data products in the first two rows, with their respective Specviz2d and Specviz icons. Clicking the Specviz2d button (middle) brings up a pop-window (right) displaying two user options for loading the data:   

  • Option 1: View only this file - loads only the 2d spectral data product into Specviz2d. A simplified 1d spectral extraction is performed and loaded into the Specviz2d 1d spectrum viewer. 
  • Option 2: View this file with its paired x1d file - loads both the 2d and 1d spectral data products into Specviz2d. 

In the example shown in Figure 6, clicking View only this File loads the data product from the first row, while clicking View this file with its paired x1d file loads both data products. Clicking either option will lead you to the Jdaviz quick look page. See Viewing Spectra and Images for more details

Related 2d and 1d spectral data products

The related 2d and 1d spectra, now with the option to 'view in SpecViz2d'

Specviz 2d options, whether or not the files should be viewed as a pair

Figure 6 — Left:  Related rows of 2d and 1d spectral data products. Middle: Highlight of the View In Specviz2d icon for the 2d spectral data product. Clicking the button displays the pop-up displayed to the right. Right: The pop-up describing the options for data loading into Specviz2d.

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