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Basic Search for Observations

After you search for JWST observations following the guide in Basic Data Search,  the Jda icon will appear next to relevant search results that you can view in Jdaviz (see Figure 1). This icon indicates that the row result contains data products that can be loaded into the Jdaviz web display.

JDA Icon indicating that this data can be analyzed in Jdaviz

Figure 1 — The Jda icon indicating that the current observation (row result) contains spectroscopic science (level 3) data products that can be visualized in the Jdaviz web quicklook. If you don't see this icon, the data cannot be viewed in the web quicklook.

Clicking the Visualize Spectra (Jda) icon produces a drop-down menu with two available options, see Figure 2

The available dropdown options are:

  • Display default Minimum Recommended Product (MRP) - opens the default Minimum Recommended Product for the selected observation in the Jdaviz quicklook spectra page. See Viewing Spectra and Images for more.
  • Search through other data products related to this observation - opens a new page containing all relevant data products associated with the selected Observation that can be loaded into Jdaviz. See Finding Associated Data Products for more.
JDA Dropdown Menu containing both options for the selected observation

Figure 2 — The Jda dropdown menu, showing options to display the MRP or search for related data products.

Science Instrument (SI) Search for Observations

After performing a search for JWST observations following the guide in Science Instrument (SI) Search , a new icon will appear for search results that can be viewed in Jdaviz (see Figure 3). Each row result represents a single JWST data product. Which icon is displayed in each row depends on the type of data product in that row. See Icon Nomenclature below for the meaning of each icon. 

An example SI Keyword Search with the Jdaviz icon displayed next to each observation

Figure 3 — An example SI Keyword search of the MIRI instrument. Search results highlight the right-most Jdaviz icons, displaying the icon most relevant for opening the data product. For example, row 34 displays the Cubeviz icon for opening the s3d IFU FITS file, while row 35 displays the Specviz icon for opening the related 1d extracted spectrum FITS file.

Icon Nomenclature 

These icons represent the Jdaviz application and its different configurations. When performing a Science Instrument search – as shown above – a relevant icon will be displayed when possible, depending on the data type.


NameDescriptionData ProductsProduct Suffixes

General Jdaviz icon


A general icon indicating you can visualize data in Jdaviz



Cubeviz icon


The icon for the Cubeviz configuration of Jdaviz

IFU spectral cubes


Specviz icon


The icon for the Specviz configuration of Jdaviz

1d extracted spectra

x1d, c1d

Mosviz icon


The icon for the Mosviz configuration of Jdaviz

multi-object spectra

x1d, c1d, s2d, x1dints

Specviz2d icon


The icon for the Specviz2d configuration of Jdaviz

2d and 1d associated extracted spectra

s2d, x1d

Imviz icon


The icon for the Imviz configuration of Jdaviz

Image data


Loading Known Data by URI

Rather than performing a search, if you already know the URI (for MAST products, the "dataURL") of the data product, you can visit the page directly.

The direct URL for the Jdaviz quicklook page is https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/ui/.  It requires one of two query arguments to successfully load a spectrum, either the uri or filename query argument. Inputting this into the search bar will navigate you to the appropriate page. Figure 4 shows an example of a spectrum loaded into the specviz module.

Figure 4 — An example of you might see when using the search bar to load data. This dataset will be opened in Specviz, since it is a .x1d file.

Alternatively, you can navigate to your page directly using the syntax "https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/jwst/spectra?uri=[MAST_DATA_URI]", or similarly using the syntax "https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/jwst/spectra?filename=[PRODUCT_FILENAME]".  For example, you might navigate directly to https://mast.stsci.edu/viz/ui/#/spectra?filename=jw01409-o133_t011_nirspec_prism-clear_x1d.fits.

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