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Context: Portal Search Results

One-click download is the simplest and fastest way to retrieve a single result from the results table. The result is usually an Observation, which can contain multiple files.

Portal search results, showing the Filters, results table, and AstroView tool

Instant observation download is available after a successful Portal search, where the results are presented in a table format flanked by applicable filters (left) and the AstroView tool (right). It is also possible to export the search results table to a local file.

Observation Instant Download

Exclusive access warning prompt

Click the File icon to initiate a download of a single observation. If Exclusive Access data are selected without logging in, the Portal will warn that you are not logged in. Proceeding without logging in will allow the download of only data products that are not protected by Exclusive Access.

Portal download dialog

Successful download will result in a zip file containing the Minimum Recommended Products contained within that observation. A pop-up like the one on the left may appear, depending upon your browser settings.

Export Search Results

Portal dialog to save search results table

Click the Download icon to save the results table to a local file. The table can contain:

  • All columns, or only those displayed
  • All displayed rows, or only those selected with a checked box

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